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Next Auction Scheduled for New Year's Day

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Please read these Auction Notes to see how the live-on-site auction will work:
  1. Registration. You can register in the auction.
  2. Bid Right Now.  You can enter bids at anytime prior to the actual closing of any lot. The computer will keep these bids and make the proper advancements when the lot is on the block. You can bid any amount, regardless of the high/low estimate. You can also wait to bid until the auction actually closes.
  3. Bidder Anonymity. Bidders’ names will remain anonymous as was the case with WebWilson.com
  4. The Starting Bid. The Starting Bid is not presently shown with the lot description. In most cases the Starting Bid will be 50% of the low estimate. In all cases any advance of the Starting Bid, even one increment, will be the winning bid when the lot is on the block.
    The Starting Bid is computer generated, but if there is no advance at that level, the auctioneer can lower the Starting Bid to try and find bidding interest.. Due to present software limitations, the Starting Bid can only be reduced one time, but to any amount the auctioneer deems appropriate. Bidding can therefore commence from a lower level, but if there is only one advance at the lower starting point, the lot will be knocked down to that bidder
  5. Low Bids.If someone leaves a bid before a lot comes to the block that is less than the programmed Starting Bid, and also less than the reduced Starting Bid determined appropriate by the auctioneer, the auctioneer’s discretion will prevail.
  6. Passed Lots.Lots that do not receive advances beyond the Starting Bid are considered “Passed” or “Bought In”. There is not yet an on-screen message to acknowledge this fact but the auction results will show such lots as No Sale or No Bids.
  7. Bid Increments.Bid increments will change as WebWilson.com Live Auctions evolve. Bids of $30-$99 will advance at $5, and bids of $100 and more will advance at $10.
  8. Left Bids.You may leave bids with the auctioneer by calling 800-508-0022 or sending email to hww@webwilson.com However, you can also leave bids with the computer and they will be executed with equal honesty and efficiency.
  9. Phone Bids.You can arrange to call the auctioneer at 800-508-0022 just before the lot is put on the block, and we will bid with you via phone if you prefer.
  10. Auction Results. We are working on an Auction Results page and hope to have it ready soon. This is a priority item that will become part of every WebWilson.com auction.
  11. Buyers Premium: The Buyers Premium for WebWilson.com auctions will remain at 15% for this auction whether the bids are made live from the internet or left with the auctioneer

Top Ten Reasons Why WebWilson.com Auctions Are Better

No. 10 — Many consignors provide fresh & diverse material.
No. 9 — Each sale is presented in a highly illustrated catalog format.
No. 8 — All items are guaranteed as described.
No. 7 — Bidders remain anonymous.
No. 6 — Each auction runs for 5 days only and closes on a Wednesday evening.
No. 5 — Every bidder has their own illustrated bidding record.
No. 4 — Bidders can make jump bids as well as pledge bids.
No. 3 —Auctions results go into a searchable research database.
No. 2 -- Every item offered is carefully selected for quality, condition, and rarity
And the No 1 reason why WebWilson.com auctions are better is because we know that our satisfied bidders are the basis for our success. Thank you for helping make our auctions both fun and educational. We will continue to bring innovations and improvements to the website.